Chiropractic Adjustment
A chiropractic adjustment can help improve your overall health, not just your spine. Yes, as a Chiropractor in Henderson, we treat the entire body as a whole unit. This is important to the overall body and not just the spine. We help many of our patients with joint pain and foot pain as well as back and neck pain. Our lifestyle today is a contributing factor to poor posture. With all the technology and looking down all the time, many people are getting what they call text neck. However, through a series of chiropractic adjustments, this deterioration in the neck's curvature can be improved.

A chiropractic adjustment is a procedure done by our licensed Henderson Chiropractor using their hands or a small instrument pressure is applied. The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to improve the spinal motion and overall physical well being of the patient.
What to expect from our Chiropractic Clinic
Here at First Chiropractic, we offer digital x-rays. These x-rays are state of the art technology and not your old fashion x-ray. They will download straight to the computer and allow us to actually see what is going on with your bone structure and soft tissue. Everyone should get an x-ray, as nobody can clearly see what issues you have with your spine without one. This is important as a Chiropractor to understand your spine and ensure there isn't something previous that we cannot detect with the naked eye.

We will then read more go on to explain to you how we can assist you in leading a healthier life. As well as, explain what we have found in the x-rays and what the treatment plan is that we suggest. This treatment plan will be our guide to the overall treatment of your spine and get everything better aligned.
Honest Chiropractic adjustment
For adjustments, we offer the specialized chairs that we will have you lay on in various fashions. This will allow us to get a Chiropractic adjustment with ease and without harm to our patients. Adjustments are very safe if done by a professional such as First Chiropractic. And, with x-ray, there is an additional layer of safety as well.

At times there are some individuals that we cannot treat. This is due to herniated discs or other spinal issues that we feel are too dangerous to work with. If this is the case, we will gladly tell you what issues read more we have found and point you to a place that can better assist you. Bone loss and old injuries can also contribute to not being able to be adjusted. Although this is rare, we want you to know that we will be upfront and honest with each and every patient and will flat out tell you we cannot help.
Side effects
You more info may experience some side effects from a Chiropractic adjustment such as pain relief, but also additional pain as we work through the issues. We recommend ice for the flare-up bone areas and heat for any muscle issues. This will help reduce the swelling caused by the chiropractic adjustment. After all, during an adjustment, bones are being manipulated, so some slight discomfort immediately following is normal.

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